The chain strives to work with sustainability, and our profile must reflect our efforts to work with locally sourced produce, local producers, sustainable producers, animal welfare, various environmental measures, staff policy and other areas that relate to sustainability. Our relationship with sustainability has an impact on and is closely related to our reputation.

All employees in Frich's Hotel & Spiseri must have a proven link to sustainability and with our understanding of the concept. 
Employees should feel a sense of pride and awareness as part of their job, and should be familiar with raw materials and production, from source to end product.

The three pillars of our sustainability efforts are: care for the planet, maintain our economy and take care of people.

Our sustainability goals

Local produce and food producers.
- We must use local produce from local producers. 
- We must use fully traceable food.

Proven suppliers
- We must use suppliers who have proven to follow their own sustainability goals, as we must demand,
challenge and contribute to the reduction in transport, packaging use, emissions and waste.

Our staff must have secure jobs.
- Our employees should have employment contracts, job security, a good working environment and long-term job stability.

Reduce waste, emissions, energy consumption.
- By operating efficiently, we must help reduce food waste, transportation needs 
and energy consumption.
- Participating in Cut Food Waste 2020 and togoodtogo.
- Active waste sorting in proper fractions.