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Frich's is a chain of hotels and dining establishments.

Frich's hotels and dining venues annually turn over more than NOK 160 million and have approximately 350 employees.

Frich's currently consists of Frich's Hotel Hamar, Wood Hotel by Frich's, Frich's Rudshøgda, Jafs Rudshøgda, Maihaugen by Frich's, Kunstkafeen by Frich's, Telemarkstunet by Frich's, Ilsetra by Frich's, Dale-Gudbrands Gard by Frich's, Frich's Dombås, Jafs Dombås, Ljoshaugen by Frich's, Basecamp Hjerkinn, Kongsvold Fjellstue by Frich's, Frich's Alvdal, Jafs Alvdal, Frich's Åndalsnes, Dovre & Lesja Aktiv and Frich's Management, and with this, is one of Innlandet's largest local players in the accommodation and restaurant industry.



The once upon a time...

The story of Olaf Frich and Dombås





Olaf Frich was 27 years old when he arrived in Dombås in 1942, a fully trained pastry chef, likely with a past at sea. Dombås was a melting pot of military and civilian activity when Olaf Frich started his first business during World War II.

In the midst of a farming district with cows on every farm, he began selling milk! With the help of local credit, he soon expanded his business to include baking bread in a small room behind the little milk shop, and shortly after, he opened a café. Although there were already several cafés in Dombås, Frich's café quickly became popular.

He expanded the café in several stages, before he bought the large bakery at Joramo which the Germans had built and operated during the Second World War. It was described as the most modern between Oslo and Trondheim, and had a dough mixer with a capacity of 930 loaves per hour.



Towards the end of the 1960s, Olaf Frich realized that there was no longer any point in patching up the old and not particularly aesthetic square box. He decided to go big, and in 1971, Frichgården was completed, with space for a number of shops alongside his own business.

Olaf Frich passed away in 1977, but around the year 2000, a significant revitalization and modernization of the business occurred. It was then that his grandson Øyvind took over, understanding that the “Frich product” needed to change with the times, for example, towards locally sourced food and local ingredients.

From 2003, the company took over food service locations at several strategic places, such as Rudshøgda and Alvdal. Today, the business stands out as a significant player in the private sector, with more than 350 people on the payroll throughout the year. Frich's hotels and dining venues turnover more than NOK 160 million annually. With locations like Frich's Hamar, Wood Hotel by Frich's, and Kongsvold Fjeldstue, Frich's has become a major player in the accommodation and restaurant industry.

The spirit of Olaf Frich continues in new forms, preserved by new generations.



Who is Frich's?

We are the ultimate choice for a complete experience!




Our vision


Frich's aims to offer comfortable accommodations, great dining experiences, and successful meetings, all in one place.

At Frich’s, we have a diversity of unique locations for you to explore. Whether you prefer beautiful nature, historical sites, or more central locations. Our goal is to ensure that the guest's experience is successful, no matter the occasion.

Welcome to Frich's. Where great experiences are created!


Reindeer on the menu


Discover how Frich's combines tasty dishes with the preservation of Norwegian nature through the project 'Reindeer on the menu»


Great dining experiences

At Frich's, food is more than just a meal - it's an essential part of the experience. We serve dishes made from high-quality ingredients, carefully selected from reputable suppliers. Our diverse offerings include everything from tasty breakfasts and abundant lunches to sweet temptations and exquisite open sandwiches. For those desiring a more comprehensive dining experience, we also offer tailored 3-course menus and à la carte options, as well as special event menus.





Comfortable accommodation

Frich’s offers a wide range of accommodation options, tailored to every taste and need. Whether you are seeking beautiful nature, want to immerse yourself in historical areas, or prefer a more centrally located hotel, we have the perfect place for your stay. Our hotels combine comfort and style, ensuring a relaxing and memorable experience for all our guests.


Frich’s Conference Choice

With 'Frich’s Conference Choice', we offer you the freedom to choose from a variety of unique locations for your meetings and conferences. Our aim is to ensure that your event is a success, regardless of your preferences. Our meeting and conference facilities are equipped to meet all needs, from technical equipment to flexible room layouts, ensuring a productive and inspiring atmosphere.




Catering and Events at Frich’s

We believe that food is the most important element for any event. At Frich's, you get great dining experiences created from high-quality ingredients sourced from selected and reputable suppliers. Our experienced chefs are passionately committed to preparing tasty dishes based on Norwegian flavors that preserve the essence of Norwegian food culture.

Whether you need food for a confirmation, baptism, memorial, summer party, wedding, or a work lunch, Frich's ensures great dining experiences for every occasion. We also have beautiful venues for both large and small groups, perfect for celebrating your event with us.

Frich's is more than a place – it's an arena for unforgettable experiences and events. We tailor each event to your needs, whether it's family celebrations like weddings and anniversaries, or corporate events like team building and workshops. Our locations provide the perfect backdrop for any event, and our dedicated team ensures that every detail is taken care of for a seamless and memorable experience.



We are the ultimate choice for a complete experience! At Frich’s, you’ll find perfect spots to explore Norway's magnificent national parks, including Rondane, Dovrefjell, and Sunndalsfjella. Our guided tours offer a unique chance to experience the Norwegian wilderness, including musk ox and moose safaris, while learning about the area's rich history and culture. Whether you prefer mountain air and ski trails in Øyerfjellet, winter sports near Gålå, or mountain hikes in Åndalsnes, we have something for every taste.

Dive into the history and culture of the Hamar region with visits to the world's most beautiful museums, charming farm shops, and the historic Domkirkeodden. Experience 'the art of slow travel' aboard Skibladner, the world's oldest paddle steamer, or create family-friendly memories at Koigen in Hamar city. For nature lovers, the area around Hamar and Ringsaker offers unlimited opportunities for hikes in forests and low mountains.

Frich’s offers the perfect blend of mountains, history, and vibrant city life, ensuring that every experience is unforgettable.


Join the Frich's Team!

Interested in working with us? At Frich's, we are always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals who want to contribute to our unique guest experiences. We invite you to submit an open application. Whether you have experience in the hotel and restaurant industry or are new to the field, you can find your place in our team. Join us and be a part of Frich’s exciting future!

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Sustainability is an integral part of Frich's identity and operations. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices that enhance our reputation and reflect our values. Our efforts focus on collaborating with conscious suppliers who share our goals for sustainability. We choose suppliers who consider environmental impact, animal welfare, and reduce the need for transport, packaging, emissions, and waste.

Every employee at Frich's plays a crucial role in our sustainability work. We encourage pride, awareness, and knowledge about raw materials and the production process up to the serving of the final product. Our employees have safe workplaces with fair employment contracts, a supportive work environment, and opportunities for long-term engagement.




Food waste

At Frich's, we are dedicated to serving good and healthy food in the right quantities, so that you are satisfied in a way that is also good for the environment. We strive to avoid food waste while ensuring your complete satisfaction. If you still feel hungry after your first portion, we are happy to offer an extra serving of the day's dish. This is done to meet your needs while reducing environmental impact.

Our approach to sustainability is based on three fundamental pillars: care for the planet, economic responsibility, and the welfare of people. We are actively involved in reducing food waste through initiatives like Kuttmatsvinn and TooGoodToGo, as well as operating energy-efficiently to minimize our footprint. Furthermore, we practice thorough sorting of waste to ensure proper recycling. For us, sustainability is not just a policy, but an integrated part of our daily life and ethical practice. We are committed to continually improving and innovating to ensure a sustainable future for both our business and the community we are part of.



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