Frich's Ekspress Hotel Åndalsnes
Frich's Ekspress Hotel Åndalsnes

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Frich's Ekspress Hotel Åndalsnes

Frich's Ekspress Hotel Åndalsnes is an unmanned hotel with 19 rooms, centrally located in Åndalsnes. The hotel was new in 2020 and all rooms are modern and comfortable, featuring TV, WiFi, safe, desk, chair, elegant bathroom, and comfortable beds.

In the heart of Romsdalen, surrounded by Norway's most dramatic mountains and deep valleys, lies Åndalsnes – a true gem for nature lovers. The town, nicknamed the "Capital of the Peaks," offers spectacular nature experiences and activities for all tastes and skill levels.

Romsdalseggen - One of the World's Most Beautiful Hikes A visit to Åndalsnes would not be complete without hiking along Romsdalseggen. This hike is world-renowned for its breathtaking views and incredible landscapes. From Romsdalseggen, you can look down at the iconic Trollveggen, surrounded by famous peaks that create one of Norway's most impressive panoramic views.

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The hotel offers various room types from single rooms to 4-bed rooms with a double bed and a bunk bed with a 90 cm mattress suitable for adults. The rooms are spacious, ranging from 12-14 square meters. All rooms that accommodate two or more people have a full double bed. There are 2 handicap-accessible rooms at the hotel; please select this room type if needed. In the hotel's modern lounge, you can enjoy coffee, relax, socialize, read a book, and play board games.

Frich's Express Hotel is located on the 3rd floor of Alti Rauma, a shopping center with many shops, dining options, and large free parking. The parking area also includes EV chargers from several providers.

Frich's Ekspress Hotel Åndalsnes

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Raumabredda 2-6, Åndalsnes