We are very proud that the Wild Reindeer Center is on the same site as Hjerkinnhus, and we recommend that you pay the centre a visit while your here.

The mountains were important to our forefathers. There they went hunting for reindeer and arctic fox. The hunting provided them with food, clothes and tools. They also caught birds of prey for trading. Experience the old hunting and drifting techniques in Fangstminneparken.

At the Wild Reindeer Centre you will get an authentic encounter with the mountain range Dovrefjell. You will learn about how hunting and mastering the wild was carried out in earlier times. Explore Fangstminneparken or visit viewpoint Snøhetta.

The passage through Dovrefjell has been known and feared through time. It was a passage used by royals, soldiers, pilgrims and others. To get safely across the mountain, there were set up special lodgings called sælehus. If you want to see how travellers in the old days spent the night in the mountains, visit our sælehus that we have built in the park.