Hiking in breathtaking scenery

The Peer Gynt trail runs through the mountains on the west side of Gudbrandsdalen extending from Skeikampen to Skåbu. The muse for Ibsen’s Peer Gynt character was a person who lived in the village of Sødorp near Vinstra. He gave his name to this mountainous area, which stretches from Skeikampen in the south, Kvitfjell in the east, Espedalen in the west and Skåbu in the northwest. Through this beautiful and varied terrain, you can follow the 70 km (90 km if you go via Kvitfjell) long Peer Gynt trail.
The route is mostly at 900-1,100 metres of altitude, but the Peer Gynt trail also goes right up to 1,500 metres above sea level The route follows good paths and farm roads and does not have any particularly challenging or tricky parts. You should use a map on the trip and we recommend a hiking map ‘Peer Gynt Rike’ (best.no/ 2563). There are numerous hotels and lodges along the way, providing overnight accommodation and refreshments. If you would like to join organised hikes along the Peer Gynt trail, please contact Discover Norway in Lillehammer.