Wood Hotel – Frich’s Hotel & Spiseri Brumunddal AS is located in the world’s tallest timber building with a wood-bearing structure in Brumunddal, right by the E6 and Lake Mjøsa. Mjøstårnet represents world-class innovation, where traditional, locally sourced materials meet new technology and design.

The building has garnered significant national and international attention. Mjøstårnet contains 32 privately owned apartments, five floors of office space, and the hotel with its 72 hotel rooms, restaurant, and conference rooms on the 2nd and 17th floors. Additionally, there is a large swimming hall connected to the hotel.

The Hotel:

72 hotel rooms on the 8th – 11th floors + 1 suite on the 15th floor.
4 conference rooms on the 2nd floor + 2 on the 17th floor.
Restaurant and bar on the first floor.
Marina with access to Skibladner.