When in Oppdal, you will quickly feel the urge to get out in the natural surroundings and explore all the wonders.  A welcoming and pleasant mountainous environment that will give you memories for life. If you embark on the mountains in Oppdal, you will go home with your backpack full of mountain adventures.

Oppdal is a natural stepping stone for the mountain ranges Dovrefjell and Trollheimen. Here you will find some of Norway's most popular trekking routes and peaks. Climb the rough and beautiful Mount Snøhetta that rises 2286 meters above sea level, or challenge yourself to trekking along the popular route The Triangle in Trollheimen. These mountainous areas are mighty and impressive, but at the same time welcoming and easy accessible.

The nature and the topography are diverse and breathtaking, and the better part of it is above the tree line. Forget about hills and ridges, when you are going to Oppdal, you are going to the mountains. Choose between short hiking routes and full day trekking. And that is why people love coming to our mountain village. It is a place where everybody can find their favourite routes. Now it is your turn. The mountain is calling you.