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The story of Olaf Frich and Dombås

Olaf Frich was 27 years old when he came to Dombås in 1942, fully trained as a pastry chef and probably with a past at sea. Dombås was a hotbed of military and civilian activity when Olaf Frich started his first business during the Second World War.

In the middle of a farming district with cows on every farm, he started selling milk! With the help of local credit, he soon expanded the business of baking bread in a small room behind the tiny milk shop, and a little later he opened a cafe. Although there were already several cafes in Dombås, Frich's cafe quickly became popular.

In several stages, he expanded the cafe, before buying the large bakery at Joramo that the Germans had built and operated during the Second World War. It was referred to as the most modern between Oslo and Trondheim, and had a dough mixer with a capacity of 930 loaves per hour.

Towards the end of the 1960s, Olaf Frich saw that there was no longer any point in tinkering with the old and not particularly aesthetic square box. He decided to bet big, and in 1971 Frichgården was completed, with space for a number of shops next to his own business.

Olaf Frich passed away in 1977, but around the year 2000 there was a strong revitalization and modernization of the business. Then his grandson Øyvind took over, who understood that the "Frich product" had to change in line with the times, for example in the direction of short-traveled food and local ingredients.

From 2003 to 20xx, the company took over catering establishments in several strategic locations, such as Rudshøgda, Otta, Oppdal and Alvdal. Today, the company is the largest in the private sector in Dovre, with more than 200 people on the payroll during the year.

The spirit of Olaf Frich lives on in new forms,
cared for by new generations.


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