Spectacular architecture in unique nature makes this a one-of-a-kind experience. The viewing building was commissioned by the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre North and consists of a steel box with a large glass window facing the Snøhetta massif to the north, and an organic, undulating form of solid wood facing south. Inside, there is seating for 35 people, and it has hosted concerts, church services, and weddings. In 2011, the architects at Snøhetta won the prestigious World Building of the Year award for this structure.

Intentionally, there is minimal signage and information at the viewing building. The view is spectacular in itself, and the building is designed to promote peace and reflection. Viewpoint Snøhetta has become a world attraction and is open throughout the summer season. From the parking lot, you can walk the 1.5 km gravel path to Viewpoint Snøhetta. Along the way, a series of stone slabs tell you the history of Dovrefjell over the past 10,000 years.