Experience a "floating museum". Welcome on board Skibladner, the only paddle steamer in Norway, and the World's oldest paddle steamer still in regular service. The ship is kept in its authentic stile from 1854, and can take up to 230 passengers. It is an adventure we strongly recommend.

Take in the beautiful landscape around Lake Mjøsa, and enjoy the traditional salmon dinner in the restaurant Plads Madsalon. Skibladner used to play an important role in the mail distribution in the area. And you will still find a post office on board the ship where you can send post cards stamped with the unique Skibladner mark. See the big side paddles and the old steam engine at work!

Skibladner sails up and down the Lake Mjøsa every year from May to October. Frich’s is only 6 km from the pier where “Lake Mjøsa's White Swan”, Skibladner, docks.