Frich's consists of a number of eateries and overnight accommodation in Innlandet and Trøndelag, and is the largest in private company in Dovre with more than 200 people on the payroll throughout the year. The chain includes the world's tallest wooden building, Wood Hotel in Brumunddal, Frich's Motel & Spiseri at Rudshøgda, Frich's Spiseri at Maihaugen, Dale-Gudbrand's Farm at Hundorp, Kongsvold Fjeldstue, Frich's Kafe & Spiseri in Dombås, Frich's Motel & Spiseri at Hjerkinn, Frich's Motel & Spiseri in Oppdal, Frich's Hotel & Spiseri at Alvdal, as well as several Jafs street food outlets. We also have various management interests in several other service and overnight accommodation companies. Several of these places are traditional stops for motorists along the E6.

All employees of Frich's follow the group’s sustainability goals, which include the use of local produce and food producers, as well as a strong focus on reducing waste, emissions and energy consumption.