Kongsvold Fjeldstue is a historic hotel with its own railway station. Kongsvold adjoins Dovrefjell National park 900 m above sea level, at the top of Drivdalen. The old lodge consists of over 20 well-maintained buildings, and the interiors contain many antiques from several hundred years of mountain lodge operations.

The lodge is on the Pilgrim’s Route and on DNT-marked routes going west to Reinheim and Snøhetta, eastwards towards Folldal and southwards to Hjerkinn, Eystein Kyrkja and Rondane. To the north of Kongsvold you can go to Vårstigen where guided musk ox safaris are available daily in the season. Registration and payment can be made at Kongsvold.

Kongsvold Fjeldstue has 32 hotel rooms, different lounges, a dining room and conference facilities. 
Kongsvold Fjeldstue is a traditional hotel offering modern comfort. Mountain lodge traditions date back to the 1100s, and the oldest buildings we now have date back to 1720. Kongsvold has been restored in cooperation with the Cultural Heritage and local builders, and has 32 rooms with shower and toilet, modern meeting rooms, comfortable lounges and a dining room seating 70 guests.

On 15 June, Kongsvold Fjeldstue changed its name to Frich`s Hotel & Spiseri Kongsvold, and operation of the lodge was taken over by the Frich`s group on the same day. The Frich’s group has several inns and similar establishments, from Brumunddal in the south to Oppdalsporten in the north.