The spectacular mountain range Dovrefjell is within close reach. Welcome to one of Norway's most beautiful nature areas. At Dovrefjell you can get close to the musk oxen in their natural environment, go on moose safari, learn about the history of the wild reindeer, see how hunting and gathering were done in the old days at Hjerkin, climb Norway's highest national mountain, Snøhetta, and enjoy delicious food and spectacular impressions.

Dovrefjell is the only place in Norway, and one of very few places in the world, where you can see the musk ox. If you like, you can wander into the mountains in search of the musk oxen on your own, but you will have to be well-prepared. A fully grown musk ox weighs up to 450 kg, and it can reach speed of about 60 km/h when running. That is a lot faster than you can run. It is actually a much better idea to join an organized musk ox safari group with a guide.

On the guided excursions you are almost guaranteed to meet the Beast of Dovrefjell, and your guide will make sure that it's all done in a safe and secure manner, and that you get ample time to enjoy and take photos of this magnificent animal. We organize musk ox safari every day throughout the summer, and on request in the winter.