Dale-Gudbrands Gard is a grand example of the rich cultural history in Oppland County. The area is full of  cultural heritage sites and historic places that play an important part in Norwegian history - right in the centre of Gudbrandsdalen Valley.

The many burial mounds and barrows from pre-Christian times shows the important role the Gudbrandsdalen Valley played in the Viking era. Dale-Gudbrands Gard at Hundorp was a powerful estate, and the second largest heathen hof was at the nearby farm named Hove. Hundorp and Dale-Gudbrands Gard are the chosen Millennium sites in Oppland County.

Dale-Gudbrands Gard at Hundorp has a richer cultural history than most other Norwegian rural estates. This has been a natural meeting place for important meetings and grand events since as far back as the Viking era.

The first big event at the estate took place in 1021 when the Chieftain at Dale-Gudbrand met with King Olaf II, the later St Olaf. The event is documented by Snorri Sturluson, and led to the destruction of the statue of Thor, and the introduction of Christianity in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. The celebration of the 1000 year anniversary of the breaking of the statue will be held in 2021.