Snøhetta is the highest mountain in Norway outside the mountain range Jotunheimen. Hjerkinnhus is a perfect stepping stone for exploring this beautiful mountain. From Hjerkin you have brilliant view of the four peaks that for the mount Snøhetta. The form a chain of gems, with the mighty foot of the mountain formed as a big pan in the foreground.

There is a shuttle bus departing from Hjerkinnhus five times a day from the last weekend in June until the first weekend in October. This means that a return trip to the Snøhetta summit will take you about 5 hours, and is something most people can manage.

Viewpoint Snøhetta: This is a viewpoint designed by Snøhetta Architects and raised by the Wild Reindeer Center. The construction has been honoured with several awards for its unique architecture. The viewpoint is about 3 km from Hjerkinnhus.