Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane is one of 18 selected road sections in Norway. It runs from Muen and Sollia Church to Folldal. The road follows the east side of Rondane National Park, alternating between cultivated landscape and the majestic mountain range.

The drive along the Blue Mountains is an expedition into nature, culture and geology. Take in the majestic view at Sohlbergplassen by the lake Atnsjøen. Walk up to the water fall, Fallfossen, and the bridge, Gamle Grima bru. The picnic-area is a perfect starting point for hiking from the east, and for trekking in Alvdal Vestfjell and to the mountain lodging at Breisjøseter. In Folldal you can visit the old mining community and enjoy the spectacular view of the majestic mountains in Rondane.

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