Oppdal is not a place for lazy holidays. Oppdal is a place you visit for the beauty of the nature and action filled adventures. The things you will tell your friends about back home and never forget. Rafting is a great adventure in the watery element and in picturesque surroundings.

You can go rafting in different parts of the River Driva, and is suitable for everyone from the inexperienced and families with children, to the daredevils in search of the extreme white water thrill.

Opplev Oppdal organizes rafting on the River Driva and offers three different rafting options. The rafting options are rated according to the degree of difficulty and have age limits. The three rafting options are the Standard, the Family friendly and the Gråura Expert. Every option offers spectacular natural adventure with different rapids and degree of difficulty.

Do you want to try? See opplevoppdal.no