Rudshøgda was the childhood home of author, poet, playwright, songwriter and musician, Alf Prøysen. His home is now both museum, café and a cultural meeting point, and is no more than 2 km from Frich's. Prøysenhuset is set in the pastoral forest right behind the Prøysen small holding.

Prøysenhuset is designed by the architects at Snøhetta in a style that blends in with the surrounding nature. Inside you will find Café Julie, a big Prøysen shop, exhibitions, the scene Prøysenscena and several activity rooms. In the various activity rooms there are different activities aimed at different age groups, such as a carpentry workshop, writing workshop, reading and playing. The café has its own bakery oven, which is often used for Prøysen inspired baking.

Prøysenhuset is a National Cultural Centre, established in the honour of Alf Prøysen. Here you will get closer to and learn about his life and work. The objective of Prøysenhuset is to honour, keep alive and revive the heritage of Alf Prøysen – and inspire new and future generations.