One of Northern Europe's largest canyons, measuring 2.5 km

Legend has it that Jutulhogget was created when the troll Rendalsjutulen wanted to carve a water course over the ridge. Jutulhogget is an incredible sight and has a very unique flora. The sheer walls of the western part are over 100 metres high, while the highest point further east reaches 240 metres. The width at the upper boundary ranges from 150 to 400-500 metres.

Jutulhogget was formed during the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago, when the wide lake Nedre Glåmsjø suddenly erupted under the ice and formed a new course to the east through looser rock masses. A dam of ice quickly burst and it was the flood of meltwater that carved out the ‘canyon’ in an easterly direction - from the reservoir in Østerdalen and eastward through the mountains and into Rendalen.

The canyon was a protected nature reserve in 1959, and has a special flora with a blend of southern species and alpine plants. It is situated 20 kilometres south of central Alvdal.

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