Norway's most beautiful climbing park

Helgøya climbing park offers the sort of experience that will give you butterflies! Nine different trails, two training runs and 13 ziplines ensure we can offer ample climbing opportunities for both young and old, whatever your level. Helgøya climbing park is the largest and possibly the most beautiful climbing park in Norway, let alone Innlandet, with climbing activities organised between the trees.  At Helgøya, everyone can become a world champion, build relationships, get excited and get some high-up experiences among the trees.

Everyone receives instructions and training when they arrive, and must complete a training course before starting. As soon as you feel ready, you go onto the next track. Children’s trails and green runs are the easiest, followed by orange, blue, then purple, red, black and finally black extreme. The trails are jam-packed, fun, exciting and all different! All children under 12 years must climb accompanied by an adult, and an adult can take 2-3 children. On the children’s trails and orange trails, children can climb alone, but under the supervision of an adult.

Entry to the climbing park is free and you only pay for the climb itself. Helgøya climbing park also has a great outdoor area where you can eat and grill your own food, which can be eaten at the cosy tables and benches next to the breathtaking view of the lake.

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