Walking the Besseggen mountain ridge is one of the most popular walks in Norway - a must once in your life! More than 30.000 people climb the Besseggen every summer. As this leaves a substantial footprint in the fragile mountainous terrain, the paths in the hills above Gjendesheim and Memurubu are paved. Show consideration and stay on the path!

As climbing the Besseggen is a 14 km trip where you ascend 900 meters in altitude, and is not "a walk in the park", your fitness should be above average. The trip takes typically 6-7 hours, not counting breaks. But don't despair; there are alternative trips for less fit hikers that also offer spectacular views great experiences.

Climbing the ridge involves some degree of mountaineering, and, although never any real risk, there is a 700 meters drop to Lake Gjende and 300 meters to Lake Bessvatnet. It is sure to give you the jitters!

The whole trip is a one way journey where you will take a ferry between Gjendesheim and Memurubu on the picturesque Lake Gjende. It doesn't really matter what way you choose to take the trip, but most people choose to take the ferry in and walk back.  Both options has its pros and cons.