During these challenging times, the authorities encourage us all to spend this year's summer vacation in our own country. Maybe this could be the year that we rediscover Norway as a holiday destination.
Many Norwegians have had an “everyday” relationship with the beautiful and cultural landscapes and scenery that exist in our country. Therefore, oftentimes we have traveled abroad during holidays. This year, due to the pandemic, our travelling habits will have to change. We will have the opportunity to experience Norway in a new and different way. Here are some ideas for you who want to start planning your vacation.

Attractions in Lillehammer

Maihaugen in Lillehammer is a large open-air museum with over 200 buildings from different times, exhibitions and restaurants – lasting summer memories are created here. Art enthusiasts can also visit the Inland's only art museum, Lillehammer Art Museum. The collection consists of around 1500 works of art that from different perspectives tell Norway's art history from the 19th century to the present day. The main building designed by Snøhetta is today an architectural icon.


Sleep in the world's tallest wooden house

Wood Hotell in Mjøstårnet has a total of 72 hotel rooms. Visit the hotel's restaurant for a delicious meal overlooking Lake Mjøsa or take a ride with fantastic Skibladner - Norway's only wheel steamer.

Visit Prøysenhuset

Rudshøgda is known as the home of the author and singer Alf Prøysen. Prøysenhuset is designed by Snøhetta in a design language that harmonizes with the surrounding nature. Inside the house is Café Julie, an extensive Prussian shop, exhibition, and several activity rooms. In the activity rooms, various age-appropriate activities are arranged, such as carpentry workshop, writing workshop, reading and play. A visit to Prøysenhuset will be a great experience for everyone who has grown up with Prøysen's verses and shows.

See musk-ox on Dovrefjell
Dovrefjell is the only place in Norway - and one of the few places in the world - where you can experience musk. You can book a musk ox safari from both Dombås and Hjerkinnhus. It is almost 100% certain that you will see musk on the trip!


Experience the pilgrimage route

A walk on the pilgrimage route through Gudbrandsdalen gives time for reflection and tranquility. Nature ranges from dense and magical primeval forest to open cultural landscape. Living settlements, cultural history, cultural landscapes and the hospitality of our accommodations will give you an unforgettable experience. At the Pilgrim Center Dale-Gudbrands Gard you can get good advice along the way, or choose one of our tour suggestions.

Fishing in Alvdal

In Alvdal you can experience both good fishing and great nature experiences. Here are rivers, streams, ponds and lakes that can offer a varied fishing for trout, grayling, whitefish, char, perch and pike. You can solve a common fishing license that applies to several fishing areas in the municipality: Glomma, Folla, Sølndalen, Strålsjøen, Kvebergstjønna, Aumdalen and the surrounding area. Nothing is like standing by the river and waiting, and waiting, and waiting - and then suddenly feeling it nibble!


Rafting and mountain biking in Oppdal

Between Dovrefjell and Trollheimen is Oppdalsbygda which can offer nature-based activities for the whole family. With majestic mountains, green valleys with saddle idylls, dramatic rivers and good fishing lakes, Oppdal is a fantastic starting point for cycling, mountain hiking - and rafting! The trips vary in length and degree of difficulty, but common to all is that they go in beautiful terrain in the finest we have of Norwegian nature. Rafting is arranged in different areas of the river Driva, and is suitable for everything from inexperienced and families with children, to the daredevils who are looking for the more extreme. Travel to Oppdal for the nature experiences you talk about tomorrow and will never forget!

Rediscover the car holiday

This is the time when many people normally plan their summer holidays, and there have never been more good reasons to spend their holidays in Norway: All trips abroad are fraught with great uncertainty. You want to help maintain important jobs in Norwegian society. But most importantly, you will experience new dimensions in your own country, and see and learn a lot for the first time.
Maybe it's time to rediscover the good, old car holiday, the holiday form that allows for whimsy and impulsivity. Travel slowly, stop when you feel like it, take in familiar and unknown landscapes, experience the joy of events that are not planned. Ensure good rest and memorable meals along the way!
2020 will be a different year in so many ways. Seize the opportunity and discover Norway as a holiday country!