Are you looking for accommodation in Gudbrandsdalen, or a place to hold seminars, anniversaries or other small or big family events? Dale-Gudbrands Gard offers contemporary comfort and delicious meals set in a historic environment.

Dale-Gudbrands Gard at Hundorp has a richer cultural history than most other Norwegian rural estates.
The estate has been a natural meeting place for important meetings and grand events since as far back as the Viking era.

The first big event took place in 1021 when the Chieftain of the estate met with King Olaf II, the later St Olaf. The event is documented in the old saga Heimskringla by Snorri Sturluson, and marks the beginning of the christening of Norway. The Dale-Gudbrands Gard of today consists of six separate buildings that offers accommodation, catering and conference facilities.