We do everything we can to make Frich's hotels and eateries safe for everyone. Therefore, we take infection prevention and control very seriously. Make sure to update yourself on measures taken to avoid the spread of the infection, and how you can contribute.
At the entrance of each eatery, hand sanitizers will be available – use this whether you are going to have hot or cold food.
All containers are refilled throughout the day.
Follow the line/queue direction as marked in the floor and keep the correct distance.
Glass dividers between employees and customers provides security both ways.
Because cutlery is the first thing guests collect after the hand sanitizer stations, they are not wrapped in napkins. If you want wrapped cutlery, ask our staff. 
Provide yourself with the individual portion packs of salt, pepper, mustard etc.
Once you have paid at the checkout-counter, sit down at any free table. We make sure that there is required distance between tables, as well as clean and disinfect tabletops, chairs and window frames after each guest.
During periods of frequent visits, we will refer guests to available tables and ensure that everyone keeps their distance.
All toilets are checked and disinfected throughout the day by dedicated staff-members. 
Playrooms are washed down and disinfected every day.
All hallways, stairways, handles, etc. are cleaned and disinfected every night/morning.
We also depend on all guests to contribute and follow up on national advice and infection control:
Wash or disinfect hands
Keep a 1-meter-distance from others
Use your elbow if you need to sneeze or cough
Stay home if you are not completely healthy